About Me

First I will introduce myself as the host of this blog,
my name is Budi, "a name of a story" that said the band peterpan
I was born on an island in Indonesia, precisely in the area of South Kalimantan, the question for most visitors this blog is "why I write about computer technology, whereas my own background in terms of education and of the descent there is none relation to the computer.
this is unique, I really like and I am rather curious about all things related to computer technology
Here there is no commercial purpose from me, I wrote on this blog purely for the purpose of sharing to the visitor
I am here to write based on what I have read, I see, I heard or I have experienced
The concept of this blog is that computer technology refers broadly to hardware, software, internet, graphic design, blogging, SEO, programming, hacking, and did not rule out the possibility for other things related to computer
In closing I hope my writing is useful for readers
if you feel this blog useful I beg your support to spread the address of this blog by placing a link on your site or tell your friends, or it could be any other way that does not violate the norms and rules, I strongly forbids you to spread your blog address This by way of spam.
I really lets you spread the writing of this blog, or copy back to your blog provided that you include a source link this blog into your writing, hopefully you can appreciate the creative works of others
thank you

Contact me at Yahoo! messenger : budisilverlight@yahoo.com
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