Cometbird the fastest web browser and like Mozilla Firefox

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Cometbird fastest web browser like Mozilla Firefox to view, some time ago I've been writing about the web browser, web browser there are some advantages and disadvantages to each, I've discussed about Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Opera, and currently I'll discuss just a web broser I use, I started using the web browser this morning
We all know that the internet a lot of free web broser, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Flock, Slimbrowser, Cometbird, Comodo Dragon and many more
According to the results that I obtained after using a web browser are:
The browser is very fast, I must admit that this Cometbird faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, lighter loading
viewed from the side view Cometbird 100% User Interface is similar to Mozilla Firefox, this will be very easy for those of you who used to use Mozilla Firefox.

But there are few disadvantages, namely Cometbird can not be integrated with Internet Download Manager (IDM), it certainly will make it for you if you want to download video from YouTube or similar sites that provide streaming video services
of information I can from the official website at I get the information that your web browser has a feature very much, among others:
CometBird Features

Online Bookmarks
Unable to use your own bookmark collection on different computers or different browsers? CometBird leaves you free from this trouble. CometBird bookmark synchronizer keeps all your bookmarks anytime and anywhere consistent!
Online Video Download
With CometBird, you can download any video / audio / flash That you like to your computer. You only need to right-click the video That is playing, CometBird will save the selected file to your local disk.
Word Translator and Notes
ComeBird has a built-in word translator and Comet notes. you will not need to look up for every word, hover your mouse over a word and CometBird will translate into your language subject. Comet notes even help you remember and manage your schedule easily.
Superior Performace
The page-loading speed is greatly improved by opening new page in a new tab instead of new window, the which saves much of your computer memory and disk space.
Much Safer
Anti-virus software, pop-up blocker, one-click private data clearing, anti-malware and customized security settings etc, all these techniques are applied to assure you a safe and secure browsing environment.

and there are several reasons why you should choose Cometbird, here I quote from the official site CometBird
Why CometBird

CometBird is a powerful and fast web browser.

The outstanding CometBird Web browser is secure, speedy, and totally free; its specially designed features will change the way you use the Web. The upgraded version is even more effective in both performance and privacy protection.

The auto-bookmarks synchronizer enables you to use same bookmarks collection anytime and anywhere; Thousands of customizing options are available for personalizing your own CometBird; Powerful security and privacy protection techniques will create a clean environment for you browsering; and its unique and smart password manager address bar will facilitate your browsing and logging in process.!

Free Download Cometbird

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Flame Computer virus

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Flame is the most advanced type of computer virus ever found. Kaspersky Lab announces the discovery of a highly sophisticated malware, named Flame, which is actively used as a weapon that targets cyber entities in several countries. Flame was found by the experts at Kaspersky Lab conducted research that was carried by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Results of analysis showed that the Flame is an attack the largest and most complex toolkit available today
Kaspersky Lab analysis results also showed that this program be used as a means of cyber spying and infect computers to steal sensitive data and information. Stolen data is then sent to one server command & control (C & C) Flame

.In cooperation with GoDaddy and OpenDNS, Kaspersky Lab succeeded in largely sinkholing domain used by C & C infrastructure & Flame. Below is a detailed summary of the results of analysis carried out:

  • Infrastructure C & C Flame, which has been operating for many years, direct offline as soon as Kaspersky Lab announces the discovery of its existence last week.
  • Currently there are more than 80 domain known as the Flame is used by C & C server and it and other related domains, which registered between 2008 and 2012.
  • In the last 4 years, the hosting infrastructure server C & C & Flame moved to various locations including Hong Kong, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Latvia, England and Switzerland.
  • C & C Flame Domain was registered with a false identity and various peregister impressive, with the time of registration from 2008.
  • Based on the sinkhole Kaspersky Lab, an infected computer is registered in the various regions including the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
  • Flame Spreader seem to have a high interest towards the use of Autocad, in addition to PDF and text files.
  • Data are uploaded to the C & C Flame encrypted using a relatively simple algorithm. The stolen documents being compressed using the open source zlib and modification of PPDM.

  • After sending the code to remove traces of suicide, allegedly Flame virus has similarities with the Stuxnet virus first emerged.Stuxnet is a virus that was recently rumored to be made by the joint United States and Israel in order to cripple Iran's nuclear facilities, and how the virus Flame? virus is not known who is behind this flameFlame spread that some time ago in the Middle East region is as yet known who the author and what the motive of this sophisticated virus makers?Researchers from security firm Kaspersky Lab found that there were parts of the Flame malware that has similarities to a virus that attacks Stuxnet computer users in 2010.One of which is owned in common and Stuxnet Flame is disappearing without a trace and this is only realized researcher Kaspersky Labs.In addition, the constituent codes Flame and Stuxnet virus are considered to have some similarities, so there is speculation among two security researchers who estimate the Flame maker and Stuxnet is the same team or two teams that work together to create a second virus.this is reinforced by the findings of researchers in the module "207" used to infect a USB storage device by Stuxnet, and is also found in the virus Flame.Kaspersky researchers Flame and Stuxnet menyimpilkan that relate to each other and are made by the same team and with a slightly different purpose.Roel Schowenberg also explain the difference between Flame and Stuxnet. Stuxnet virus leads to more acts of sabotage and Flame is more directed to espionage to collect data.Researchers will continue to work hard to find information related to the mystery of the relationship between virus Flame with Stuxnet virus that has many similarities.
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Some time ago I can not access the site of the largest forum in Indonesia
Information regarding the inaccessible actually been published on the blog last night Karo Cyber​​. Now the problem is how to open a site when Kaskus through domain is not accessible anymore? Actually there are two alternatives that can be made ​​to visit the site kaskus.

The first way, which is visited by address and that both sites can also be visited from

It is unknown what the real reason kaskus domain address was changed. Indeed, there is information that surfaced domain address can not be accessed due to crash the DNS (Domain Name System). But as the previously known sites have also experienced turnover kaskus domain address of be At that time, the reason the site domain of the largest forum in Indonesia is changing due to DDOS attack. it happens at the end of 2010

Could kaskus sites are now also attacked by DDOS so back to change the domain address? So far there has been no official clarification on the matter of the 
Andrew Dervish as founder kaskus site. 

Apart from looking for the sensation or not. But certainly far kaskus site has become the largest site in Indonesia with a number membersnya more than 4 million people.

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How to Open a Secure Web Page / Blog That Can not be copied

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How to Open a Secure Web Page / Blog That Can not be copied

if one day you find the articles you find in your blog or website, and you need to copy and paste but could not because the page is protected, for example, his article can not be highlighted (selected), or can not be right-clicked, so you can not be copied.

Protection generally uses javascript, so to unlock the protection that we do is to disable / turn off javascript in browser.

Here's how to disable / turn off / turn off javascript for browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
(After Javacript is turned off, refresh the web page or blog that was protected).

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

• Click on the menu settings (tool logo on the right page)
• Then click on Options

• Select the Under the Hood
• Click on the Content settings

• In JavaSript, select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

Disable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox

• Go to Menu Options
• Select the Content Tab
• Remove the Tick mark in the Enable JavaScript
• Click OK

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How to Access the Blocked Sites

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If one day you can not access a site because it is limited / blocked by the network administrator or ISP, then the user will have difficulty in accessing the blocked sites.
Below are some ways that you can try to access blocked sites.

1. Using the IP address
If the application is used only to block any domain name (eg, this can be handled by using the IP address of the site to google eg:
To find the IP address of a site, we can try to ping to the site. How to access the command prompt (Start> Run> type: cmd> Enter) and type ping then press enter. It will display the IP address of the site.

2. Using Proxy in Browser

There are many free proxy that you can find on the internet, some sites that you can use for free:
Once you select a proxy of the sites above, the configuration of your browser to use the proxy.

3. Using the Short URL Service
Another possible way is to utilize the url shortening services such as:

4. Using the Online Archive and Cache
Some search engines like Google and Yahoo keep cached variety of popular sites can still see the contents of the site, although the original has been blocked or deleted though.
Click the link labeled 'cached' then we will be brought to the cached page from a search engine (if stored).

5. Using Anonymizer Service
Using Anonymizer service, IP addresses and other information that you will not be known by the sites you visit.
Most of these services are paid, but there are some that are still available for free such as:

6. Using Online Translation / Translator Online
Online translation services like the famous
Simply enter the URL of the blocked sites and choose the option that translation into the language you want (or similar language).

7. Subscribe to RSS Feed
These tricks may not apply to the various sites, but if you want to visit sites provide RSS syndication features, (usually news sites and blogs), you can try to subscribe to and read with an RSS / Feed Reader.
Services RSS / Feed Reader that you can use can be a desktop application (Feed Demon, Sharp Reader Feed Reader and), the web browser Firefox, Opera, IE and others, or with an additional extension (InfoRSS, Sage, and NewsFox), and the latter using the online application (Google Reader and Feed Show).

8. Subscribe Through Email
The best service for the way it is
You can subscribe to our favorite sites via email. You can also subscribe to many sites at once organized in folders so neat. Every time a web page changes, Web2Mail will automatically send you a new page to your email address. You can also set what and when shipped.
There are also services that will RSSFWD automatically convert RSS into email that is sent to your email account.

9. Using Google Mobile Search
You can also try using the Google mobile search

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