Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

This time I will discuss about Microsoft Excel, a program that I use every day from 8 am to 4 pm but instead I had never even discuss it.
And in this post I will explain about the Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel which I can from
Just as in other Microsoft Office programs, in Microsoft Excel so that even if we wanted faster in completing a work / typing / data entry, on certain commands will be faster when using a shortcut key (shortcut),
Here is a list of shortcut keys for Ms Excel:

1 Ctrl + A :selects the entire contents of the worksheet. (Select all)
2 Ctrl + B : to Make Bold areas / selected cell
3 italic Ctrl + I : Create area / cell selected
4 Ctrl + K : Insert link.
5 Ctrl + U : Make underscore areas / selected cell
6 Ctrl + P : Displays the Print dialog box to start printing.
7 Ctrl + Z : Cancels step / last action.
8 F2 : Edit the selected cell
9 F5 : Go to a specific cell. For example, E7.
10 Shift + F5 : Bring Forth the search box
11 F7 : Checking the spelling of the selected text and / or documents
12 F11 : Create chart
13 Shift + F3 : Open the Excel formula window
14 Ctrl + Shift +; : Enter the current time.
15 Ctrl +; : inclusion of date.
16 Alt + Shift + F1 : Create a new Worksheet.
17 Ctrl + 5 : make strikethrough cells / selected area
18 Ctrl + F9 : Minimize the window
19 Ctrl + F10 : Maximize the window
20 Ctrl + F6 : Switch between the open excel file
21 Ctrl + Page up : Choosing Sheet to the left
22 Ctrl + Page Down : Select the Sheet to the right
23 Ctrl + Tab : Switch between two or more open Excel files
24 Alt + = : Create a formula for the number of all cells above
25 Ctrl + ': Enter the value above into the cells of the selected cell.
26 Ctrl + Shift +! : Format number in comma format.
27 Ctrl + Shift + $ : Format number in currency format.
28 Ctrl + Shift + # : Format number in date format.
29 Ctrl + Shift +% : Format number in percentage format.
30 Ctrl + Shift + ^ : Format number in scientific format.
31 Ctrl + Shift + @ : Format number in time format.
32 Ctrl + Arrow key : Move to next section of text.
33 Ctrl + Space : Select entire column.
34 Shift + Space : Select entire row.
Hopefully useful ..

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