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We know that the blog engine,  is the most popular blog engine today, and for the bloggers who pamper their users is one of Google's operating subsidiary is adding two new features, namely comments and statistics, but that makes me amazed and very useful are statistics, because we can monitor traffic, keywords, etc directly from our blog pages, this feature is almost similar to Google Analitycs yet integrated with the blog. This is unusual.

from this we can know the statistics, the number of visitors, where visitors are coming from state, town to the browser and operating system they use.

In addition, we can know refferal sources, sources with the visitor requests and posts the highest. data can be tracked from daily, weekly, monthly or overall. I also had time to feel shocked turns out this blog visitors from various countries around the world, there is the United States, Maldives, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore and many more,
in addition to the above data we can also know what keywords visitors use to get to our blog
essentially no loss using

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