How do I install windows with a USB flash?

This morning around 5 am when I was falling asleep suddenly there was an SMS from a friend who asked how to install Windows from USB.It makes me inspired to write on this blog

Installing windows xp from flash disk is also very useful to install windows xp in a few notebooks that are not equipped with serial cd-rom as a kind of mini notebook Asus Eee pc. It can be installed using an external cd-rom, but for more savings we can try to install windows using only flash disk

With technological development flash disk now that have greater capacity then we can easily use a flash disk to install windows, the following should be prepared syarat2.

1. Flash disk (if you can at least 1GB).

2. victim's computer (victim)

3. master computer, complete with cd-rom of course (to create a master flash disk)

3. windows xp cd (original or fake is up)

4. program for module installation

- USB_PREP8 (download via indowebster)

- PEtoUSB (download via indowebster)

after never knacks above is ready then the next step to start installing windows xp from flash disk:

the steps are as follows:

1. Plug the flash disk to your computer and note the position of the master drive, whether on the F:, G:, H:, O: and so forth

2. file2 the above extract, USB_PREP8 and PEtoUSB into a folder eg C: / usb (extract the files USB_PREP8 be a folder, copy all the files and move them to the folder C: / usb) files as well PEtoUSB.

3. Prepare instalan cd windows xp cd rom and put it into a master computer.

4. then open the folder C: \ USB that has been created and contains the files mentioned above.

5. Next run the file named "usb_prep8.bat" and will display a command prompt window contains a variety of command

press any key on the keyboard.

6. next on your computer screen will appear PEtoUSB program that asks you to format the flash disk, click Start

7. If the formatting process is complete, close the program PEtoUSB (do not close the windows command prompt usb_prep8.bat) on the screen will display the options of 0 to 5.

8. Then select the option to 1 to select the Windows installation source files (select the cd rom drive that contains your Windows installation cd) or can also file2 source folder containing the installation of windows.

9. after the above, will be asked to again choose the options and select option number 3 to mentukan where you plug the flash disk you, when in drive E then type e and press enter.

10. after this stage select option 4 to start the installation process modules that will be copied to flash disk automatically. Answer any confirmation that comes with Y, or YES or OK or other forms of approval. in this process will take quite a long time, the process of making the module installation file to your flash disk (probably more than 15 minutes)
aja patient, after you've finished now has a flash disk that is bootable and able to install windows directly.

11. unplug the flash disk from the master computer and then plug it into your computer to start the installation, do you boot your computer from the flash disk.

then the screen will show two installation options, choose the second option and the windows installation process will start running.
Thus my explanation may be useful, happy trying new things.

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