Top 4 Best free Antivirus


Actually, today I will try to discuss about the Hiren's Boot CD 11.0 is remarkable, but I delayed till tomorrow.
Now I will try to show some good performers Free Antivirus according to my experience:
The purpose here is the best in terms of security, and memory consumption that influence the performance of our computer.
Here I include four antivirus which became a recommendation from me:

1 Comodo Internet Security
Comodo prioritize the security of Internet attacks with a very strong firewall defenses, all activities will be monitored very well, so if there is any suspicious activity can be directly prevented.
In terms of antivirusnya, Comodo is very sensitive. Comodo Internet Security suited for those of you who are always online to the Internet. visit
Comodo Internet Security please download here

2. Avira Antivir Personal
This is an alternative antivirus for those of you who do not always online, because it has the ability Offline antivirus update, in terms of this antivirus defense has a pretty good detection capability, as well as self defense from a virus attack.
Download Avira Antivir Personal here

3. AVG Free

AVG is the antivirus product with the user very much, more than 80 million users worldwide, the ability of detection is good enough but when the scan would take a lot of memory so make the computer becomes feels slow. This could be an alternative for your free Antivirus
Download AVG Free here

4. SmadAV
Antivirus made in Indonesia, this performance is very light and capable of removing viruses made in Indonesia, in terms of defense capabilities are not adequate, but there is a feature to open some important tools of Windows which is disabled by viruses, such as regedit, task manager, run command and so forth, one click we can all be opened without manually changing the registry.
SmadAV very good when combined with one of the top three antivirus
Download SmadAV Free here

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