Bing? a search engine from Microsoft

Bing .. It is a big name in the Internet world, perhaps Bing still feels strange to the ear. Is bing it? Bing is a site search engine / search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Bing is a search engine from Microsoft.
Microsoft said Bing as the "decision machine." With nearly 240 million Web sites on the Internet in July 2009, you can imagine how important an effective search methods can make to the success of any search engine, so the source is coming from Netcraft.

So what is the difference between search engines and engine-making? Maybe it's just a philosophy. According to Microsoft, Bing is designed to minimize the amount of garbage that you get when you do a search and to help simplify tasks so you can make the most informed decision.

Bing focusing on four target areas: shopping, travel, local and health. Another fundamental objective is to facilitate the search. Starting with Bing site, featuring a search box in the middle of colorful images and clear lines of links on the left of the page that brings results for video, news, shopping, travel pictures, or maps. Once you start your search, Bing has a feature that recommends Autosuggest word based on the first few letters you type it, then Sort the list is to be selected if it is deemed appropriate. Best Match feature similar to Autosuggest, this feature offers you what Bing believe is the most suitable search for you ..

Bing aims to organize the search in an easy way for users to navigate. Starting with the Pane Explore. This menu can be found on the left side menu Home and results pages. Explore Pane is intended to help you to perform searches in an efficient manner. In this menu there is also a list or a history of your last search, as well as advice related searches Bing believed that perhaps will make you interested

Deep links allow users to preview (preview) on a site without having to click the link, depending on the site if there is enough information to create a preview, you can move your mouse over the link to the site in search results, which will give an idea about what you can expect if you click on the site. According to Microsoft, 24 percent of the number of clicks to the results of the search results so users click again to realize that the site was not that they are seeking.

For searches that require the speed of information such as flight number information and sports scores, or Instant Answers Instant Answer will quickly display the most relevant information based on your query. This means if you have questions that require time or geographically oriented, Bing will adjust the results to focus on the most important data, which hopefully will save you time. Bing trip travel is a feature that uses Farecast popular technology that allows its users to find low air fare and hotel reservations. Microsoft working on "homework" at the time of adding the search feature - according to research quoted by Time magazine, Farecast back more than 75 percent accuracy rate for search and stored by the users and an average of $ 55 off their plane tickets [source: McNichol].

So how does a computer program to do all this? The answer is in programming code. Just like a company that is Google's competitors are doing, Bing employs a set of rules or instructions which is more advanced that any searches be passed in order to refine and filter the best results. This set of rules known as algorithms, and just like the secret recipe of a restaurant meal, Microsoft did not want to share a secret about this Bing.
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