ARTAV, an antivirus created by the child's 2nd grade junior high school

this afternoon I get information that there are similarities Source code in this Artav Antivirus Al VirusScan with Source Code, for that with this I conclude that Artav Antivirus is not 100% made of Arrival Dwi Sentosa
But I am quite proud of Arrival Dwi Sentosa able to modify it to become Antivirus Artav this, though I regret very much to the recognition of Arrival if virus is 100% made herself with the help of his brother

More information about Al Virus scan :

This world a lot of antivirus products, and most are made by a team within a company.
But this time there which I think is extraordinary, a child's grade 2 secondary schools in Indonesia successfully completed an AntiVirus, an antivirus that is written with Visual Basic and named ARTAV Internet Security, Antivirus are also essential requirements an antiviral, such as scanners, Update the virus databases even Mail Scanner, Link Scanner, and others. Here are the data themselves antivirus programmers are:

Name: Arrival Dwi Sentosa
Nick: Arrival
Address: Jl.Bojongsoang Kabupaten.Bandung
City: Bandung
Hobbies: Create Program
Religion: Islam
No Hp: 085721330422
Activity: Learning in the Junior
Planning: Want Advancing Technology in Indonesia khsusnya Programming
Status: Single
Elementary School Cipagalo 1, from 1-2 grade
Elementary School Cijagra 1, from 2-4 class
Sekelimus Elementary School, from grade 4-6
SMP Negeri 48 Bandung

According to the admission in the manufacturing process is assisted Arrival antivirus sister school 2nd grade high school, "my brother and I helped design that makes programmnya, because I can not design a" he said
You're curious about this antivirus? Please direct to the official website

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Saya sangat bangga dengan kamu, bahkan saya sempat terharu dan meneteskan air mata betapa kamu mengerti arti dari pengorbanan ibu (orang tua). Maju terus dan berkarya waktumu sangat panjang. Saya dukung pernyataan mas Rubby dan Mas Suryo. Semoga Indonesia Jaya dengan adanya orang-orang seperti anda. (Halik - Barito Utara, Kalimantan Tengah)

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