Have you ever see a message like the above?
once I get into trouble after installing Windows XP Professional SP2. When Windows on Notebook Error, drive C plans would I format directly because DATA is safe - safe only (DATA is on Driver D, E as F). This is the first experience and at the same science that is very interesting that after Windows installation is complete and the driver - the driver is well equipped with other software applications, then I try to open some files that are on drives D, E and F. Which makes me surprised is the data in F in one folder that happens to the data it is important data, when I go there is a warning "DRIVE IS NOT Accessible and ACCESS IS Denied".
I was instantly confused ... dizzy and confused because this is the first time I experienced this.
After thinking for a moment, I finally decided to find a solution internet. After some time browsing I finally found the right solution for this problem,
The following steps - steps to overcome problems and Drive is not Accessible Access is Denied; namely:

1. Open Windows Explorer then click on TOOL>> FOLDER OPTION
2. Windows appear then click on VIEW, you go to the bottom then uncheck / uncheck "use simple file sharing (recommended)" then click OK
3. You right click on the folder that you can not open earlier then click Sharing And Security
4. In a new tab you select security then click ADVANCED
5. In a new tab again you choose / click the OWNER, then you select one of the username you are using (click on the username), then click / select "Replace owner and subcontainers and objects".
6. Next you APLLY and OK (Click Yes if you get a confirmation aja)
7. After that you check / check again "use simple file sharing (recommended)" then click OK
8. after that please you open the data that previously could not be opened earlier.

thus may be useful to readers who happen to encounter problems as above

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