Attrib command in Command Prompt

As a computer technician is required to understand the Attrib command at Command Prompt. It would be very useful to restore the folder attributes are hidden by the virus. Actually it's been a lot of tools to quickly change the attributes, eg using Antivirus SMADAV. But will lebuh good if we also understand how to change the attributes of the folder manually by Commandprompt.
Attrib command is used to display and set the attribute which is owned by a file or folder. The format of the writing of this Attrib command is:

attrib [{+ r |-r}] [{+ a |-a}] [{+ s |-s}] [{+ h |-h}] [[Drive:] [Path] FileName] [/ s [/ d]]


+r: Sets the read-only file attribute.
-r: Clears the read-only file attribute.
+a: Sets the archive file attribute.
-a: Clears the archive file attribute.
+s: Sets the system file attribute.
-s: Clears the system file attribute.
+h: Sets the hidden file attribute.
-h: Clears the hidden file attribute.
/s: Applying the Attrib command at a directory and its subdirectories.
/d: Implementing the Attrib command at a directory
/? : Displays the help of a list of commands
[Drive:] [Path] FileName: Specifies the location and name of a file or directory to be displayed or changed attributnya.

For example the use of this Attrib commands can be seen in the article "How to restore Feel that are hidden by the virus." In this example Attrib command used was:

D: \ Attrib-r-s-h / s / d

From the above explanation we can see that this command means "remove read only attributes, system and hidden from the files and directories that exist on drive D".

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