Google's April Fool's

Google Sites, Google's popular search engine was fond of celebrating April Fool's Day or April Fools which falls on April 1. Jokes that were raised by this site are usually associated release of new features that were only material for a joke only.

We need to know almost every year Google is always issued April Fool's joke. Even when Google released Gmail on April 1, 2004, it is considered a joke by the instigators of the internet because Google often joked on that date. The following are some of these jokes
1. PigeonRank
In 2002, Google's open secret behind their PageRank technology, which has been used to determine which internet pages are most relevant to user searches. Google claims that they were using pigeons to help users find the site you want quickly.

2. Google Translate For Animals
Google UK to install a fake video that states that they have managed to create an application that is able to translate the sounds of animals into English. Try searching for "Translate For Animals" on Google, the search results will lead to the application of these jokes. "Translation" was produced by nothing more than random words only.

3. Google MentalPlex
This is Google's application stating that the MentalPlex, Google users no longer need to type things that you want to search for MentalPlex will read their minds. The results obtained from the use of MentalPlex is the user will be connected to the search page "April Fools"

4. Google Copernicus Center
In 2004, Google's open vacancies to work on the Google Copernicus Center (GCC). Where is the GCC's this? Unmitigated, on the moon! According to Google at the time, the project called Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering (GCHEESE) will begin in spring 2007.

5. Google Gulp
Google issued a beverage that is believed to increase intelligence peminumnya. To obtain this drink, one must have a Google Gulp bottle cap belonged to someone else. This is a parody of the Gmail invitation system.

That's a few jokes to liven up a la Google's April Fool. Internet users, of course, be vigilant, lest the news joke regarded as actual events, or otherwise.

Especially for Google, how to tell which page the information is a hoax or not is to see part of his footer, usually Google will provide additional information, for example reads "Note: This page was posted for April Fool's Day - 2002". so you should be aware of this joke, and do not be served until trapped

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