Pixlr.com offer Professional Image Editor Online

For those image editors may already be an expert using an image processing program like Photoshop or similar program, but for us who still lay with the program does not need to grieve, because now there are Online Applications image processing is very easy to use
Immediately, we headed to the site is available http://pixlr.com/editor/ applications are very similar to Photoshop, this can be used for those of you who are adept at photoshop but Lazy to install or buy the program, you can process the image according to your imagination, this very nice, although it takes a rather fast internet connection

At other sites on this domain that is http://pixlr.com/o-matic/,

page this one is my favorite page, because we do not have to bother to use many layers like in Photoshop. on this page we can process the image by adding frames, effects of light and the effects of other effects that are very interesting, and certainly this is very fast without the necessary knowledge about the imaging
Maybe on the internet are circulating an online image editor like this, but this one is most interesting in my opinion
And more interesting is that we can install the add on Pixlr Grabber on firefox, Are you interested? please try

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