Wdyl.com a new Search Engine from Google

is a search engine from Google that has a unique look and features
On the main page we will see the question What do you love?, This search engine will help us as users find all the things like the user in one page
At first glance seem sederhanadan wdyl.com view very similar to the Google search engine. Above the search box contained the words "What do you love?". An interesting view of this search engine is the `enter 'key next to the search box shaped like a heart.
After the user enters a keyword search, wdyl.com will display the search results in 20 widgets containing various types of searches on Google products such as news, YouTube, Picasa, Google's blog and several other products.

For example, when we enter the keyword computer, then the search results will display a widget that allows us to click a link on the Computer video on YouTube, finding books on Computer, discuss the computer, create photo albums on Picasa associated with computers and so on. It will display some Google products in one page

Google does not introduce formally the presence of this site to the public. Wdyl.com existence was first reported that TechCrunch and many people knew it, and your visitors of this blog is one of the lucky ones already know about wdyl.com
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