How do I know DoFollow or nofollow?

More and more blogs today, and many today who claim to embrace blogs DoFollow system. so we also need to know the truth badaimana do I know if it does its status DoFollow blog or nofollow. From the references that I read about can be summed up like this:

Contain mean that nofollow links are included when we give disebuah blog comments will not be further traced by search engines like google, so like a sign of forbidden or banned from the search engines for indexed.
result of the comments we wrote it, not getting backlinks from blogs, while we know that the backlink is one important element in increasing page rank.

DoFollow is the opposite of nofollow, so it was forbidden signs removed and replaced with a welcome.
By default settings for a blog is a nofollow comment, meant to reduce spam. But we can alter become DoFollow. so lebihh preferred search engine
Benefits blog that that system is for the giver DoFollow comments will get a backlink. This course is an additional point to improve pagerank and profits for the owners of blogs is increasing visitors. While the losses if any incoming or existing links on your blog / web links that are considered legitimate by search engines, could be a blog / website is considered a link farm (farm link). So that the Pagerank value of your blog / website will be down.
Thus think about nofollow thoroughly want to stay or to change it to DoFollow .. after knowing the advantages and disadvantages .... more .... up to you ...

Back to the point how do we know the status of DoFollow blog or nofollow?. . do I just have one, use Mozilla Firefox. then "right click" on the person who gave comments and click "properties". then see "Relation", if it's an external means DoFollow, NoFollow if these blogs will also be visible there. Or focus on the writings nofollow aja her (after right click). If there are means nofollow, if no means DoFollow. Sya so hopefully useful tips from a blogger friend to all

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