How do I change the Blogspot address we become our domain name?

Making our blogspot address into our domain, that domain custom ... What the hell blogspot custom domain? The explanation is more or less there is in blogspot free hosting facilities if we want to use our own domain name, so although we use blogspot but the facility hosting and domain name like this not OK already confused? If we continue with the already confused, How do I set a custom domain in blogpsot?

Once we have / buy a domain name that we want we can create a new domain custom setting. I will only give way custom domain from GoDaddy, because we can directly forward GoDaddy domain without setting control, if you buy a domain from another place you must use the DNS settings.

Here's how custom setting GoDaddy domain name on blogspot:

1. I assume you already have an account at GoDaddy and have bought the desired domain. Or if you wanted to hunt GoDaddy domain name can also be forged in your custom settings to your domain.
2. Create a blog at blogspot, for example
3. Domain settings at GoDaddy:

* Login to the GoDaddy> domain> all my domains
* Click on the domain name will be in a custom> click total dns control and mx records
* In column cnames (aliases), select the pencil marks on the top list (there are writing www and @)
Will display a box * New, enter the contents of the alias names = www, and points to the host name = @. Now ... you replace the @ with keep clicking OK
* The next step notes forwarded domain click> forward / content with your domain name eg complete fill, including HTTP and its www.

4. Now back to your blogger / blogspot:

* Http:// dashboard> settings> publishing
* Click the custom domain> switch to advanced settings
* Write the word verification content, continue to save settings

5. Done, now try the view blog then your blog is already successful by using its domain custom blogspot.

This way you will save on hosting fees do not even need hosting fee, you will not be confused or worried about server downtime, and you do not have to mikirin bandwidth too. With blogspot custom domain we can improve our efficiency in blogging

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