Tips on choosing motherboard

buy a motherboard, it's not an easy thing. Therefore here I will give a guide to you in six steps.
1. Select a processor.
This first step is the main choice. Likewise, if you want to upgrade the motherboard, you must ascertain whether the new motherboard that will compatible with your processor. Now there are two brands that are processor
in the market, namely Intel and AMD.
2. Choose the chipset.
Of the many chipsets on the market might make you confused, and for more details see the table below.
3. Use the appropriate features.
Many motherboards equipped with luxury features and complete, but certainly not all of the features found on the motherboard that fits your needs. Therefore you must determine your own needs with new customized features on the motherboard, such as Dual Ethernet Gigabite,
Integrated wireless, and SATA ports.
4. Read the manuals.
Why is that? Because no motherboard manufacturer that gives a little manual in PDF format that is stored in a CD or even have to download first the manufacturers site. If this happens, it will be very annoying because we would find it difficult to find any memory or CPU that is compatible with the motherboard. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a motherboard manual includes a clear and easily understandable.
5. Other opinion.
If the motherboard has been released long enough, you should look for reference materials to determine how well the performance of these motherboards and whatever weaknesses he had. Some reference materials you can use for reference of which is a forum that usually exist on the site producer. Apart from the forum, you can also read some magazine reviews
on motherboard
6. The motherboard with the latest revision.
Although not all motherboards have a lot of revisions, but should you need to know whether the motherboard is the first version or the revised version, and should you have a motherboard with the latest revision for the latest revision has undergone many improvements from previous versions ..

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