Checking and Correcting Dead Pixel LCD Monitor

Currently the majority of computer users have used LCD monitors, although for some people the sharpness of the color CRT monitor is more satisfying, usually the photo editor who still faithfully stick with CRT monitors.
For users of LCD monitors, LCD for some time after use, sometimes the dots appear on the screen can not display colors properly. Point on the screen is visible only when the display lights up the same monitor changing though. So that often reduces the quality of the display.

The point at which the screen is damaged usually called Dead Pixel or Stuck Pixel well. How do I know it, and if it appears, was there to fix them?
Knowing / Check for the existence of Dead Pixels

In essence to check the existence of Dead Pixel easy enough, sometimes we can immediately see on the screen, because of the color pixel that is always the same point with the display screen / monitor image apaun. Or by creating a full image one screen with one color only, such as black or white. This way if there is a dead pixel would be clearly visible.

If you want to use the software (plus extra features), one can use a free program PixelRepairer. This software has several features, among others:

* To help find the dead pixel
* Mempu help repair dead pixels
* Repair dead pixels can be run without having to stop working with computers
* Does not require installation (portable)
* Able to handle multiple monitors are installed on your computer

Looking for Dead Pixels

To find the dead pixel with this software, follow the following steps:

1. Clean the monitor
2. Run PixelRepairer
3. If the search button is not active, activate the Search button, the existing loop drawings, top left
4. If more than one monitor connected, select the one
5. Choose one color in the color list (Pattern)
6. Click the Enable button, thus changing the monitor display one color or a pattern.
So hopefully useful tips from my

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