Tips select a domain name

Before selecting a domain name would be easier if we already know the domain name and sense of understanding niche. Why is this domain name is important we set before we blogging? What are the rules that allowed a domain name? TIPS-TIPS How to choose a domain name?
Benefits of a Good Domain Name

1. A good domain name and good will provide more visitor traffic.
2. The domain name is well and good we can perjual traded.

In January 2000, news emerged in ( regarding domain name which were sold at 10 thousand U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp.
100 000 000, -.
3. A good domain name and good will easily be remembered by friends, friends, business associates, family, customers, and prospective buyers.

What Rules in Choosing a domain name?

Domain name selection rules can vary based on rules set by the governing body domain, but in general the rules are:

* The domain name may only use letters, digits and minus sign â € œ-â €??.
* Spaces or any other symbols, such as the bottom line â € œ_â €? not allowed.
* Domains can not begin or end with a minus sign â € œ-â €??.
* Domain names in general are always all lowercase.
* Maximum number of characters is 63, and not including the TLD extension ([dot] com [dot] net [dot] org).
* [Dot] COM & [dot] NET minimum of two characters, [dot] org [dot] BIZ, [dot] INFO & [dot] IN a minimum of three characters, and [dot] WAS Minimum 4 characters.

TIPS How to Choose a Good Domain Name

1. Determine the reasons and purpose of our first blog.

Please read the â € œMengapa reason and purpose of your Blogging Important? Â €? to help determine your destination.

a. When a domain is used to personally recommend using our own name or it could be a nickname.

Example: | | | | etc.

b. When we create a blog for the community should use the name of the community.

Example: | | | etc.

c. When we create a blog for the promotion of business / goods / services then you should choose a domain name related to business / goods / services offered or the company or brand name business.

Example: we create a blog for promotional merchandise credit, so should your domain name is | | | etc.

2. Select TLD appropriate funds we have.

When we have enough funds to buy the domain, then you should select a Top Level Domain [dot] com first because [dot] com more popular. If not, we can use other alternatives and should use international domain name extension (net | org | info | biz), because the use of international domain name extension create a blog and our site is easy to remember, generally the domain name (website / blog), it is [dot] com, so if we use. org will tend terasumsikan as an organization, if used to sell, will be different meanings.

But if we fund a lot of other TLD please buy domain names that we already use. Kredibilatas aim to maintain our efforts. To be on the safe side do the efforts of other crimes or try to impose our efforts with similar domain names.

Example: for example we have is worth also bought | |

For we are still a beginner with limited funds, please buy the TLD [dot] info for domain name prices are very cheap but not inferior to another TLD.

Example: purchased for only $ 0.99 at for the first year.

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