Basic Instructions for forex trading

For those of you lovers of the following Internet business is one form of Internet businesses, namely Forex, some people may have advanced to play the forex, but most people would not know the meanings and workings of the forex.
Here I explain a little about forex picture

Your Trading Plan and implement your plan:
You must have a plan before you start trading. Good planning will be put aside your emotions during trading. Trading Plan consists of points to be taken, why would you take the points that determine how much you are prepared to lose, and you point to take advantage.
The trend is your friend:
Do the opposite trend being who applies, if the trend up, then we should buy, if the trend down we have to sell.

Focus on the capital who had been prepared:
Always keep the capital you have, you should never exceed 10% of trading capital, if you exceed it then almost certainly you will quickly bankrupt

Know when to cut losses:
If you are in a state of loss, do not let the losses with the hope that prices will rise, quickly cut to determine how much loss you are ready.

Take profit when the market was good:
Before trading specify how much profit you want, in good market conditions to take advantage, if after that it is still possible condition, you can take advantage of trading with another.

Do Emotions: Two kinds of emotions in trading:
passions and concerns. Do not let lust and worry affect you. Trading is a mechanical process and it is not influenced by emotion.
Do not be trading based on tips or advice to others: Trade if you have any observations or analysis itself.

Make and learn about your trading journal:
When you buy, write down your reasons to buy and your feelings at the time, so when you sell. Analysis and review your boo-created. By running this you avoid trading errors next.

When you confused, do not do anything:
of the decisions you make mistakes, it's better still and not doing anything.

Do not overdo Trade:
Ideally, you can trade with the 3-5 position at the same time, do more than that, this reduces the risk of loss if you can not control too many markets.
Thus my explanation, do not be afraid to try

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