how to update BIOS?

Much of the confusion users to update their motherboard BIOS through DOS. Mainly because of the difficulty is usually made in a DOS floppy disk (floppy disk), while the disc is now extremely difficult to find.
This time we will update the AWARD BIOS with the DOS mode, but not with the disk, but with USB Flashdisk.selamat try ...
What to prepare:

One. USB stick (size up)

One. PCP + latest BIOS file. can be downloaded at
2. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Software to create a bootable USB stick. downloaded at:
3. MS-DOS. Commands Operating System to run in DOS mode. Download at:

One. Create a Bootable USB Disk advance

* Install the HP USB Format Utility
* Run the software HP USB Format Utility
* Download the file with MS Dos File System
* Extract the file and put in place anywhere
* Run the software HP USB Format Utility
* Format your USB and tick the "Create a DOS startup disk" and check "using DOS System Files located at" and point the msdos file system files contained in the folder where you store

* Click Start when ready. Wait until the process is complete
* Copy Files updatean bios who form. Zipped into the flash
* Extract files. Zip file contents to be outside (not inside a folder)
* Record file extention name. "BAT", because it needed to be typed in DOS mode
* USB is ready for use to boot.

2. Set Booting via USB flash

* Put the USB stick who had been ready to boot before the computer is turned on
* Log into Bios by pressing "DEL" when the new computer is turned on
* Go to the menu "Advanced BIOS Feature"
* Select "hard disk boot priority", and then make your flash boot priority no. One with the '+' or '-' PD keyboard
* Save the BIOS configuration is with pressing the 'F10', then press "Y '(Yes), then enter
* The computer will reboot, and allow it to go into DOS Operating System

3. Bios Update

* Once you get into a DOS (command prompt such as A: \>), type the file name. "BAT" last. ie: "HA0307.BAT" then hit enter
* AWARD Bios Flasher will appear, press enter when prompted to confirm the bios file name that will be executed.
* Wait until the update process is complete (about 5 minutes)
* After the update finished, you will be prompted for confirmation to restart by pressing Enter
* PC would restart, and your PC is ready to use with the new bios. do not forget to restore the Boot Device to your hard drive

Good luck!

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