Firefox 4 beta Mozilla's latest browser

Mozilla Browser promises super-fast, and has been realized with the release of the latest Firefox version 4 beta, which was released a few months ago, although it has released version 4 is not meant to stop the project Mozilla Firefox 3.x
Mozilla promises something new in the latest Firefox
Although still in beta but there are some improvements made include full support to the graph of three-dimensional (3D) standards-based WebGL.
"Firefox 4 beta now supports WebGL for graphics card built-in common modern use. This makes the developers more easily create interactive 3D games, graphics are clear, and a new visual experience on the Web without depending on plug-ins from third party," said Mike Beltzner, Firefox Product Manager, in his blog
WebGL latest technology is an open standard for the present three-dimensional graphics on the web. With the WebGL in your browser, you no longer need Java, Flash, or other additional programs to display three-dimensional animation. This is one product that utilizes HTML5 elements which supported many browser developers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari
Newest release is available for versions of Windows, OSX and Linux.
several new features include:

* Claimed faster than previous versions.
* In the version of windows was moved above the tabs.
* On Windows Vista and 7, the menu bar is replaced with Firefox button.
* New Add-Ons Manager.
* Supports HD-quality video format HTML5 Web
* Improved Privacy
* Protection of Crash

Also in the top right of the browser there is also the feedback button to find out whether users are satisfied or not with Firefox. The shape of the happy or unhappy, it allows users to participate in the project Firefox 4 beta is easily and quickly
At first glance these look like Firefox 4 beta Safari, Chrome and Comodo Dragon
Download Firefox 4 beta here

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