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QR Code or commonly known as the QR Code is a form of evolution from one-dimensional bar codes into two-dimensional
This project was developed by Wave Denzo which at that time was a division of Denso Corporation, a Japanese company that is still part of the Toyota group. QR here is short for a quick response, an expectation from the manufacturer that this code will quickly be decoded. Initially, the QR Code is used to record vehicle spare parts in the company, but now more widespread use even after the specification of QR Code released to the public.

Unlike barcode which only one side that contains data, the QR Code has two sides that contain data, and this makes the QR code contains more information than bar codes. QR Code for example, can hold information such as the URL of a website that can later be used in magazines, advertisements, or other media, so that when a user's mobile phone camera and has a QR code reader application can instantly scan and go to the website in question without the need to type address. Other uses such as QR Code is used to store text data about product information or anything else, SMS, or contact information that contains names, phone numbers, and addresses

QR Code has received international standardization and standardization of the Japanese form of ISO/IEC18004 and JIS-X-0510 and has been widely used by mobile phones in Japan

QR Code serves as physical hyperlinks that can store addresses and URLs, phone numbers, text and text that can be used in magazines, daily mail, advertisements, on bus signs, business cards or other media. Or in other words as quickly connecting content online and offline content. The presence of this code allows the audience to interact with the media via phone ditempelinya effectively and efficiently. Users also can generate and print their own QR code for others to visit one of several QR codes encyclopedia
QR Code can be used as a food security by adding a QR code that contains the data on nutrient content and period expired on each label food so that customers can feel more secure in choosing foods that are purchased because they can find out information about the food
QR codes can be used on phones that have a QR code reader application and have internet access GPRS or WiFi or 3G to connect the phone with the target site via QR code it. Customers, which in this case is to enable mobile phone users just need QR code reader program, directing the camera to QR codes, QR code reader then the program will automatically scan the data that has been embedded in QR codes. If the QR code contains the address of a site, so customers can directly access the site without having to first type in the address of the destination site
QR Code has a high capacity in data coding, which is capable of storing all data types, such as numerical data, alphabetical data, kanji, kana, hiragana, symbols, and binary code. Specifically, QR codes can store numeric data types up to 7089 characters, alphanumeric data up to 4296 characters, binary code up to 2844 bytes, and up to 1817 kanji characters. In addition, QR codes have a smaller display than the bar code. This is because the QR code is able to accommodate data horizontally and vertically, and therefore automatically displays the image size of QR code can only seperspuluh of the size of a bar code. Not only that QR codes are also resistant to damage, because the QR code can correct errors up to 30%. Therefore, despite some QR code symbol dirty or damaged, data can still be stored and read. Three square-shaped mark on three corners have a function for the symbol can be read with the same results from any angle over 360 degrees
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