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Recently I installed a new tracker website on my blog that is both this blog and another blog about my collection of tutorials that are intentionally written in Indonesian, which, from the look attractive enough, the report is also very up to date, this tracker will increasingly complement Google Analytics that I have put this blog since this blog was born first.
From the official website offers a somewhat more easily than Google Analytics installation process, namely 1 Minute Installation:
1. Register your website
2. Pick a counter or hidden tracker.
3. Paste code in your website counter

This is a pretty interesting for me, finally began today this blog will have a new webtracker
Here are some key features offered histats:
- Your site visitors / pageviews / return visitors by hour, day, month year, real time and free!
- Online visitors and Forecast of hourly and daily stats.
- Compare more stats of more days OR PPV, average online visitors, new visitors Same values in the chart, with just two clicks.
- Stats summary and customizable reports.

last 60 days trends with hourly/daily stats.
daily stats archived since subscription day.
Unlimited daily and monthly website referral stats.
Unlimited daily and monthly search engine referral stats.
120-day day-to-day search engine trend comparison.

Cumulative exportable, sortable stats by : visitors language, browser version , operative systems and resolution stats, useful to build a "visitor compatible" website!
Cumulative exportable, sortable stats by: geolocation , city, country, region, internet connection speed and visitor IP!

You can track stats of your pages one by one, or track stats based on group of pages or visitors. This is useful for big sites; it enables you monitor different sections of your site. For example, by using the same ID for all your forum pages, you can track hits to your forum. No one else has this feature.
Also with ROI code, you can enable the ROI tracking in your subscription, shopping or any other pages to see which referrer provides you the most traffic.
Click counter code allows you to track pages where the Histats counter cannot be placed. For example external links, ads, file downloads, and more. Every link can be counted this way because we use an automated redirect to send visitors to right destination.
Path tracking between pages and varying sections of your site.

You can have unlimited sites in your account.
Our control panel allow you to create sub-accounts with different access levels for same site. For each account, you may create sub-accounts with permission rights to view their respective statistical data. This is an effective way for your customers and advertisers to see their stats.
Free visible, invisible and password protected stats! Other competitors do not have password protected stats in their free versions, WE DO!
600+ hit counter styles. Transparent, text and hidden counters available.

An extremely large, dedicated log for your latest visitors. We also maintain a detailed log of your last 20,000 hits.
Visitors statistics by IP, sortable in different ranges (weekly, daily, hourly, 10-minute ,1-minute).
A list of your last 20,000 hits by visitors IP with country, referrer, entry-page, exit-page information.Histats collects specific statistical information on a per visitor basis; you can see all the pages viewed by a visitor, and the time spent on each page.
its stats for all your pages
Visitor use patterns. For example from your homepage, you can know many users clicked on about pages, or how many clicked on an advertisement page. Again, we never limit the amount of data collected to your log file. This enables you study visitor behavior.
Entry pages with timing and average stats.
All referrer sites, with average visit time of visitors based on referrer.
Referrer stats are also displayed by search engine type or keyword , domain URL, page URL. All with total numer of visitors sent to your site, the number of pages the visitors viewed and the average time spent on your site.
Complete cumulative geolocation stats. With this, you may find country specific usage. For example you can discover spanish users leave your site after 2 minutes while USA users stay for more than 10 minutes. Such disparities may arise perhaps your spanish version is less attractive or not well translated.

- Your log stats are sortable by time of day, ip or ip range.
More features to come, as we are ever improving our services based on customer feedback.

I think this can really help you in knowing dang control traffic from your blog, especially for those of you who save a blog as a moneymaker
For more details, please visit the official website

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Forex said...

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This information allows us to grow in the current situation to the future.

Computer Knowledge said...

I think web tracker like this is very useful for us to determine the next step in website optimization

Ravikumar V. said...

I am using histats for two years, the features are really cool. I like "online user" feature most

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