Differences meaning KBps and Kbps

Technological competition among Internet service providers in Indonesia, each operator claimed to have high speed internet connection technology and high quality transfer rate, expressed support for internet connections up to size Kilo Mega not anymore

This certainly makes the prospect tempted, attracted by the internet speed is so fast they could chestnut download files with size up to 1GB in less than 20 minutes, but after using the internet services page, speed is not also in their dreams come when steps optimasisasi speed internet connection has been made

What happens if ISP's lying?? unfortunately ... ... ... no, friend, this is not because ISPs lie to prospective customers, but the prospect was not accurate in view of data communication technology

Accuracy is the problem??

let's look back or staterpack modem package from your ISP and to ensure further, please check again in the brochure and their website, the information which they attach, they guarantee Internet speeds of their services are (eg) 512 Kbps or 1Mbps or 3.1Mbps ,

carefully situations lack the key actually exists in the letter b, letter b, they will represent bits, while the memory unit and a transfer rate that is contained in our computer is a byte (not bit),

you might ask so what if the internet speed on the conversion to Byte unit??

the answer is the following:

1 Byte = 8 bits

so 1KBps = 8Kbps or 1Kbps = 1 / 8 KBps, so that 1Mbps is equivalent 125KBps (1000 / 8 = 125)

so it was clear the ISP did not give promise of heaven but it's just a matter of thoroughness we as potential customers, well, friend, from now on before deciding to subscribe to an ISP, consider the unit of speed internet, whether Kbps (b small = Kilo bits per second) or KBps (B major = Kilo Byte per second)

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