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There are many ways to increase blog traffic, can be a way of exchange links, put the meta tag, blog walking, register on search engines, with a blog bookmarks, submitter to register in order to get a lot of backlinks, but frankly I do not like the way the latter, the reason by registering on the web sumbitter means we apply to a machine that will sell your e-mail us, we too will reap immediate spam
I have another way of blog promotion, although 70% of visitors of this blog is from search engines but also direct requests is quite high, reaching 10%, want to know how this?

with Facebook, I'm sure you must have an account at
Most facebook users using this medium just to write things that are not important
Though the media is the potential for promotion blog
You can include links to your blog, but it is quite boring.
I have a very quick and easy way, namely by
We simply list and fill in the address of our blog or feed address, then connect it to facebook, twitter, LinkdIn, Google Buzz or other social networking
It will work automatically, when we post on the blog then automatically on facebook or social networking we will posted a link leading to our blog
It is easier for us, and I think you should try it right now because all this can we get for free
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