Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

A few days ago I wrote about Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys, now I will explain about the Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys, even though I rarely use these Office applications. but there is no harm in me trying to share on this blog
The following are some shortcut keys in Microsoft Word:
ctrl + a -> select all
ctrl + b -> bold
ctrl + c -> copy
ctrl + d -> edit fonts
ctrl + e -> average middle

ctrl + f -> find
ctrl + g -> go to
ctrl + h -> replace
ctrl + i -> italic
ctrl + j -> the left-right
ctrl + k -> insert hyperlink
ctrl + l -> left flat
ctrl + m -> set left indent
ctrl + n -> create a new document
ctrl + o -> open an existing document
ctrl + p -> print
ctrl + q -> cleaning the paragraph formatting
ctrl + r -> right
ctrl + s -> save
ctrl + t -> set the hanging indent left
ctrl + u -> underline
ctrl + v -> paste
ctrl + w -> close window
ctrl + x -> cut
ctrl + y -> redo
ctrl + z -> Undo
ctrl +] -> enlarge font size
ctrl + [-> zoom font size
ctrl + = -> subscript
ctrl + + -> superscript
ctrl + scroll up -> Zoom In
ctrl + scroll down -> Zoom Out

Go to the starting position of a row
Towards the end of a line position
[Alt] [Tab]
Opening another page that opens quickly
[Alt] [O] [P]
Opening paragraph dialog box
[Alt] [O] [F]
Opens the Font dialog box
Opens the Spelling and Grammar dialog box to examine the sentence structure and spelling according to the dictionary that has been provided.
[Alt] [F] [C]
Closes the currently open document without getting out of Microsoft Word.

Hopefully Helpful

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