Locking Computer with a USB flash

Actually had a very long time I wanted to write this, but time constraints forced the late publication of this article. Very Many ways to lock our computers out of the reach of people who are not entitled to know the contents of our computers, when I usually by a switch user.
But now I will share how to lock the computer with USB flasdisk. There is now software that can do that. The name of the software ID USB Lock Key.
This time I tried to explain how to use the ID USB Lock Key

1. Download ID USB Lock Key click here
2. Extract the file ID USB Lock Key download results with 7zip.
3. Enter FlashDisk which will serve as the key to your computer.
4. In the extract the folder, click 2 times the file "ID USB Lock Key".
5. Will display showing ID USB Lock Key with orange color.
6. To create a data lock on your flash drive, click on the "Generate Key".
7. Once successful, it will show a window with the message "The key generated sucesfully", then click OK.
8. To activate this ID USB Lock Key, click "Launch systray".
9. To lock your computer, Remove the Flash Disk in advance that you use as a lock.
10. Then in systry you (on your taskbar icon will appear USB port of ID USB Lock Key) Right click and Select Lock the Computer menu. (You can also do the lock by pressing Ctrl+Alt+L)
11. Furthermore, your computer screen will be blank and there is a warning "Please insert the USB drive containing your generated key ID USB LOCK KEY"
12. To unlock it, re-enter FlashDisk (which you use as a key)
Hopefully useful.

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