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Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr.. KBE
Today, Google re-display the special logo on the Google logo, usually associated with certain figures, today associated with prominent comedians of Inggris.Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr.. KBE (born on East Street, Walworth, London, April 16, 1889 - died in Vevey, Switzerland, Switzerland, December 25, 1977 at the age of 88 years), or Charlie Chaplin, he was a famous comedy actor in England who is one of the famous movie actor in the history of Hollywood in the era of black and white film, he was also a successful film director.
Acting on the silver screen makes Charlie Chaplin as one of the best clowns and mime artists are often used as role models for artists in the same field.

Chaplin was one of the most influential and most creative in the era of silent film. In his films, Chaplin was known like cum-double, from the main role, director, playwright, until the filler music illustration. During the 65 years he earned the world, he Meninggaldunia at the age of 88 years. Chaplin's life full of ups and downs, ranging from childhood wrapped in poverty, until he reached the peak of fame Hollywood star and a symbol of culture. His private life is sparkling invite many compliments as well as controversy.

In his films, Chaplin often portray the character "The Tramp", a drifter who has a cut whiskers plots etiquette and dignity of a nobleman. Costume narrowness of jacket, pants that are oversized, as well as everywhere carrying sticks and wearing a top hat.

Chaplin's early films produced in 1914 at Keystone Studios, which is where Chaplin learned filmmaking techniques, as well as develop the Tramp character. Chaplin's Tramp character was first introduced to the public through both the film, Kid Auto Races at Venice (released February 7, 1914) and a third film Mabel's Strange Predicament (January 9, 1914).

Beikut is Chaplin's achievements, he won 2 awards honorary Academy Awards. At that time there has been no audit of the voting procedure, and the first Oscar awards were distributed on May 16, 1929, based on the categories that are very flexible. Chaplin was originally nominated as Best Actor and Best Comedy Director for his work The Circus, but his name was withdrawn and the Academy board instead decided to give a special award for "genius, all-round ability in acting, writing, directing, and production of the film The Circus". Another film that received a special award that year was The Jazz Singer.

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