Yuri Gagarin First Human Spaceflight

Yuri Gagarin. Google always shows a different logo at certain times, could be themed on a country's independence, or the birthday of the world figures such as Robert Bunsen, and others. like today, Google displays the images with the theme of the first astronauts who flew into Outer space. Who is he? Yuri Gagarin.
April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first man to fly over the 108 minute flight into space by rocket Vostok 1. Yuri Gagarin received many awards and medals of honor, including the medal "Hero of the Soviet Union."

Yuri Gagarin became the Deputy Director of Training at the Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow.

In honor of his services, where the training was then called by his name. He died while doing exercises with MiG-15 aircraft near Moscow, on November 27, 1968. Based on reports Russian commission that was signed by Russian President at the time, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Gagarin's cause of death because the plane too sharply while maneuvering to avoid a weather balloon.
Gagarin was born in a village called Klushino near Gzhatsk (now located in the Smolensk Oblast, Russia), on March 9, 1934. Yuri Gagarin was the third child of four children. His father was a carpenter until Yuri aged 7 years, then his father joined the army. During high school, Yuri chose to study as a technician at a vocational technical school in Saratov. In 1955, after completing technical school, he enrolled as a student at the flight school Orenburg. Following from flight school, Yuri enroll in the Soviet Air Force Academy. Yuri graduated from the Soviet Air Force Academy in 1957 and joined the cosmonaut corps in 1960.
Gagarin died at the age of 34 years. Dikemudikannya jet crashed while doing practice flights on March 27, 1968 near Moscow.

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