How to run a Program Windows XP that did not Compatible With Windows7

Windows7 is good, but there are some things that might be difficult for us, for example, many older programs and games are nice and interesting made for windows xp but can not run on windows 7 and vista. Here's how to be able to run and use the software / application for windows xp is not compatible on windows 7 and vista.
Using Compatibility Mode

Compatibility Mode is a way of trying to run a program as if in a different operating system.

Right-click on the icon exe program.
Choose Properties
Then click on the Compatibility tab
You can choose or may not on the Change button settings for all users
Give without any check on Run this program in compatibility mode for
In the drop-down menu select the appropriate operating system
Click Apply and OK buttons

Note: If the Compatibility Mode does not work the way you can use other means such as this dibawh

Using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit Software

A different way to solve the problems of compatibility is demgam download and install a free program from Microsoft called the Application Compatibility Toolkit. Can didownlaod here.

Running older applications to be used properly will require some effort. However semaua be comparable if the program can generate something more useful than the new proggram who only pick the good view it

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