IEmonitor.exe and how to remove it?

Sometimes we are confused with IEmonitor.exe process running in Task Manager, but then we are not running Internet Explorer. It occurs to us that using IDM as Downloader, IEMonitor.exe or Internet explorer monitor is a module that is run for the internet explorer, so when you click a link to download the internet download manager (IDM) will automatically handle and take the link to the downloaded using Internet download manager.

IEMonitor.exe process will start when computer starts up. But you can turn off and remove IEMonitor.exe of run process in Task Manager as follows:

Open Internet Download Manager, and click the option button and then klk on the General tab, See the checkbox with "Run Module for monitoring in IE-based browsers ....". Remove the check mark in the checkbox.

Now can be checked in the task manager if IEMonitor.exe been missing from the process.

By disabling this module, IDM can still take a download of IE browser, but maybe not as fast as if the module is turned on. You could have let this rposes running and will not harm a computer.

But if you rarely use IE browser is a good idea to turn off this process, rather to reduce the burden on computer memory RAM and CPU.

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