Increase earnings from Google Adsense

there are actually many ways to increase revenue from Google Adsense, but here I will only describe nine ways that are commonly used by the Blogger

1. Create Network Website or Blog - already known to many people there are two ways to be successful by running Adsense. First, you must have a site that attracts visitors who are busy and active, or both, you must have many sites with small or moderate number of visitors.
Most of the Adsense publishers to run second. If you want to create a website, first you have to do is see to it that your site was listed on the index or the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! And MSN. But you also have your site registered in a special directory and use various traffic generation techniques such as by creating and disseminating articles, participate in various forums, join in social networking and social bookmarking.

2. Learn andamenggunakan Google Analytics blog, it will give you lots of information about visitors coming to your site. You can use that information to make adjustments or additions / reductions on your site, which eventually will potentially increase your Adsense revenue. Discover how your visitors surf your site to get better results through Google Analytics.

3. Displaying the right keywords - Choose a topic on which many people search for keywords in the last month, and then check how much the price per click paid by advertisers for these keywords. Choose keywords that are popular with the highest price and then discussed more deeply in these niche.

4. Posting content that is always updated and fresh - Make a post or content on your site regularly so that visitors still come to your site and give you the opportunity to display ads that are fresh.

5. Select a format appropriate Adsense Ad Units - There are three ad units that work well regardless of the topic or the whole site layout, namely the Ad Unit 336 x 280 Rectangle, 160 x 600 Ad Units and Ad Unit Skyscraper 300 x 250 Rectangle.

6. Put the number of ads allowed for each page - Google allow advertising which consists of three ad units, three AdLink unit, as well as an Adsense Search to every page of your website or blog (Be sure to reread this with Google's TOS). Use these ads as effective as possible without causing your site is considered as spam!

7. Your ad placement in the right place - Start by adding Ad Link Units on your site navigation menu. This will generate lots of clicks. The other is by placing the Ad Unit under the headline, Skyscraper Ad Unit on the right side and the other Rectangle Ad Units at the bottom of each page just after the end of your articles or writings.

8. Palette Organize your ad - your ads should blend with your web page. Set the border color palette so that you blend with the background of your web pages. Background or a background color of your Ad Unit must also be integrated with your web page colors. Colors link on your ad should match the color of links on your web pages.

9. Use of the Google Adsense Preview Tool - You can get this tool on your Google Adsense account. Use to see how your ads look like before they actually appear. This will help you tweak and tune your web pages up to display ads according to your wishes.

These are tips you can use to increase your revenue from running Google Adsense. hopefully can improve the traffic and the most important thing is to increase your income

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