Does BartPE BartPE & How does it work?

Here, I'll try to review on what & how do I work BartPE. there are actually some kind of software, among others MiniPE, who works in the same system, or there is also Acronis true image, but I've never tried both software.
okay straight to the core problem, Bart PE Builder helps us in building a "BartPE" (Bart preinstalled Environment) Windows CD-Rom, or DVD bootable from CD installation / setup Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 original, very suitable for PC maintenance

This will give us a Win32 environment (environmental 32bit Operating System) complete with a support network, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a resolution of 800 × 600 and supports FAT / NTFS / CDfs file system. Very useful for memburning in testing systems with no operating system, secure data sharing on a network, virus scan, and much more. These functions will be replaced every Dos bootdisk without wasting time.

Please note that PE Builder is not a Microsoft product and does not create Microsoft Windows Preinstalation Environment ("Windows PE"). Using PE Builder is free of licensing fees to Microsoft Windows PE products using Windows XP or Server 2003 as well. Microsoft has not reviewed or tested PE Builder and does not endorse its use. So, do not to contact Microsoft if there is a problem about the PE Builder, because it does not provide support for softwaretersebut.

PE Builder program (pebuilder.exe) runs on the Windows platform 2000/XP/2003/BartPe and not running on the Windows Operating System NT4/ME/9x.

Furthermore, to avoid confusion, the bootable CD generated by PE Builder is that should be called "BartPE".

Here I would like to preface of this software maker, named Bart Lagerweij:

Hi, my name is Bart Lagerweij. I have to load DOS-based boot disk and bootable from SD-Rom Dos 3.x until 2002. I also have created the Corporate Modboot, Network bootdisk, CD-Rom bootdisk, an independent hardware drivers Dos Cd-Rom eltorito.sys and more tools are needed for booting the PC.

As you read above, I have finished in the year 2002. Why? I see Windows PE (WinPE), a bootable CD-Rom (from Microsoft) in action and I am very, very surprised. Then I know because I know, yes now-now, that the current PE based solutions will become a friend of every PC technicians best. Goodbye to all DOS-based NTFS utilities either good or bad! Now we are able to boot via CD-Rom and have access to read / write to an NTFS volume is full.

Some things that may or not may be made to the PE with various types of DOS-based boot disk, even when using network support and ntfsdos among others:

* Accessing an NTFS volume to more than 2TB or accessing volumes that are not seen by the BIOS, such as multiple fiber channel disk.
* Highly efficacious in menyecan and cleans viruses on NTFS volumes using a "clean boot"
* Support for Active Directory.
Having a remote control * to the machine (computer) the other, use VNC or remote desktop.

When I was ready to think about what great things I can do, I noted the approval of released user (EULA) for Microsoft software that installed with Windows PE 1.2. In the first section. Eligibility (provisions) which states:

... "May You only install and use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT if you are an active Microsoft Software Assurance Member (" SAM ") for the systems product pool or servers product pool, if you currently have license coverage for Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) Upgrades Agreement via a Campus or School Agreement, or if you are a current or former participant in the Windows XP Joint Development Program, Windows XP Rapid Adoption Program, Windows. NET Server Joint Development Program, or Windows. NET Server Rapid Adoption Program. If you do not meet a one or more Of the requirements listed above, May you not install or use this SOFTWARE PRODUCT and you must terminated the installation Of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY "...

Oops, that's not including my tablets, because the fact is it is not applicable for most of us! This is very disappointing. But when I started thinking, how hard I could build something similar to Windows PE from a Windows XP installation CD? A comparison of the data looks like most of the required data is from the Windows XP CD. Just because I think this product is easy to build, I started coding my own builder program. Once I find it so hard, I might never have started programming PE Builder.

The first version (v1.0.0) of PE Builder was released 28 April 2003. Yes, the first version was very simple, static, very bad, and the program violates copyright. Microsoft people have the right to kick my ass. But I learn from this and in May 2003 I started making the second version. In July (three months later) v2 was ready.

Version 2 does not have a problem which is owned by the previous version. Making this second version of the machine have their own registry hive builder which is not easily programmed and takes about 50% of the research and coding time. This latest version also quite dynamic that can be built from Windows XP and Server 2003. In v2.0.1 added a small menu but very mantab program called nu2menu, written by my good friend Henk de Jong. The latest version of ISO filesystem v2.0.2b even use the new so-called "ISO-9660: 1999 (version 2)" instead of the extension-extension Joliet. Some non-Home version of Windows XP has a file name that is longer than the maximum permitted length for Joliet filenames (103 characters). I need to patch the ISO building program (mkisofs.exe) so bootsrap and setup loader booting with Windows NT will be fair. Name files and directories can now be up to 207 characters. But again, this version has something that is not good. When comparing But some INF file, like so many of them locked in the Windows PE builder from Microsoft.

I need to change the entire layout of the file. INF to use its own format. On 1 September 2003 (almost six months since the development), version 3 was ready. After adding the plugin sukungan, PE Builder became popular sanget. People from around the world to install their own plugins to be added to the program that they like and they are using.

BartPE vs. Windows PE?

* BartPE is not supported by Microsoft. Windows PE which is the official Microsoft product.
* BartPE has a mode GUI (Graphical User Iterface), while Windowns PE only has a command line interface.
* Tools required to install BartPE is free. Windows PE is available only unyuk Microsoft OEM users.
* BartPE allows modification of the free plugin. Meanwhile, Windows PE has a plugin options are limited.

What is the technical difference between BartPE and Windows PE?

* Target - Microsoft designed the Windows PE as an installation platform. BartPE is designed as a next generation platform that functions as a savior.
* Start menu - Builder Bart gives us the convenience, dynamic and powerful start-menu (Nu2Menu). Builder Microsoft does not give you a start menu, use the command prompt namung.
* Build From - Bart Builder can also build from Windows XP Home Edition or a preinstalled version of Windows XP (no CD).
* Plugins - With PE Builder, you can add applications, drivers or tools using plugins. This course makes PE Builder is so powerful. Even the user can combine plugins from different software vendors into one CD image.
* Network support - PE Builder tool include support its own network (BartPE / penetcfg) to start the TCP / IP (network activity) and Microsoft Client. Configuring TCP / IP such as IP-Address dynamic / static, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server - a computer name, workgroup can be changed on systems running. You can create a profile that already exists where you can choose. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Windows PE only supports DHCP or setting also remains IP using winbom.ini. Also there is a plugin (NwDskPe) made by Erwin Veermans which to load Netware Client on BartPE (IP / IPX).
* Fileshare - BartPE can start File Sharing support so you can connect to systems that do share.
* VNC - Because of the support of File Sharing (sharing files), you can also run UltraVNC.
* Dos support - Bart Builder has a plugin called "dospe".
* License - Microsoft Windows PE only for Enterprise customers / OEMs, BartPE is free for everyone.
* 64 Bit - Bart Bulder not support Windows 64 bit edition.

Supplies Software / Hardware

1. The files from the Windows installation CD-Rom. Version of Windows that supports are:
* Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 1 minimum tucked or above)
* Windows XP Professional (at least Service Pack 1 or above)
* Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
* Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
* Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
2. PE Builder runs on Windows systems 2000/XP/2003/BartPE.
3. CD / DVD writer if you want to make CD / DVD bootable.

Why did I build PE Builder?

Microsoft only provides Windows PE to OEM and Enterprise clients. Thus, small companies and individual users do not get Windows PE. I thought it was really bad. With PE Builder they can build a bootable XP CD-Rom (called BartPE) that is used to treat their systems.
This my explanation of BartPE, hopefully useful.

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