How to secure folders from all variants of the virus?

Previously I apologize if my writing is probably not good enough or you already know about the following tips, if you have advanced in terms of virus please provide comments to the content of the new tips that may be very useful for me and other readers.
Sometimes we get annoyed with the virus that causes all folders in a flash to make us disappear, not really lost but is hidden by a virus, indeed one of the many viruses hide infection effects folder.
For the moment there are antivirus software that has been used almost the same way to prevent this it my way, namely by adding a character who is not on your keyboard to name the folder. namely SmadAV, he adds character between folders Smadlocknya triangle like this: ΔSmadlockΔ, we can make such
For example: File Folder named Budi, if connected to a computer that is infected, we will be lose. click start> Run then type in charmap. Then press Enter, then select characters strangely dyang none on the keyboard, eg, ǽ, Ǻ, œ, E or else your will, then copy and paste and add to the file name is Budi, so the file becomes ΦBudiΦ reason, almost all type of virus can not penetrate this folder
Save all your important files on here, can document or even exe file
But remember, if you want to open these files please move the file outside the folder, because there are several files that can not be run in the folder.

How does it work now the folder? virus are basically just reading alfabetic characters and characters on the keyboard, if we use characters from charmap assumed that the virus is a file system or even a virus can not read the characters.
now you know the surefire way to secure the folder and its contents, may be useful someday. good luck

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