How do I clean the virus sality?

A few days ago I again troubled by a virus which is already in circulation long enough, I can only detect Antivirus without being able to eliminate the virus.
The virus is often detected by antivirus software by name or W32Sality.AE Sality this is that many viruses are spread through a network that uses windows default share folder or share with full access.

Sality virus will attack and inject a lot of files ending in *. exe, disable the task manager, disable Regedit and make your windows can not run in safe mode. And worse, this Sality able to destroy some files ending in *. exe to not be used again.

To remove it automatically, you can update the antivirus software you use and do scanning and repair thoroughly. But if your antivirus does not solve this sality virus attack, then you can delete it manually. How to eradicate the virus W32Sality.AE or more often known by the name of this sality virus manually from your computer? The following I describe how to clean removes virus

1. Disconnect your computer from the network both LAN and internet.
2. Turn off system restore feature you during the process of cleaning the virus sality
3. Download Sality Repair here
4. Extract the file and right click the file SalityRepair repair.inf then right click and click Install
5. Turn off all active applications and are you open
6. Download Norman Malware Cleaner here or download directly here
7. Norman Malware Cleaner Change the extension from. Exe to. Cmd for application Norman Malware Cleaner is not infected by the virus sality
8. Make use Norman Malware scanning Cleaner.cmd (extension. Exe is your change to. Cmd)
9. Restart your computer after the cleaning process is complete
10. Download FixReg here
11. Extrack FixReg.rar and run the registry that is in the folder FixReg
according to the windows that you use.
12. Restart your computer.
13. Check task manager regedit and forth to make sure your computer has been recovered. You can also scan in safe mode to make sure your computer is correct - really clean from the virus sality.

Actually, almost all antivirus can detect and eradicate this virus sality. You can update your antivirus and do the scanning and repair with antivirus you use. If your antivirus was not able membasminya, then tips it manually eradicate the virus sality above could be a powerful solution free from attack W32Sality.AE

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