10 mistakes in SEO

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In keeping with our websites in order to achieve the top position in the ranking in search engines either google or other SE, we better pay attention to SEO factors which should be done and which ones should be avoided or in the note.

Here are some SEO mistakes that may not be noticed by a webmaster or admin of a website / blogger so it can reduce its ranking in the Search Engine, following 10 such errors:

1. Target the wrong keywords
This mistake made by a webmaster in fair or an SEO expert in itself. The mistake is to target keywords that he considered good, but not necessarily other people search for that keyword.
2. Forget the title tag
Usually does not fill properly "" tag or empty it or fill it with javascript as well.
3. A full flash website that forget html element
Web with a full flash is good, but better also, when includes the html element.
4. Javascript menu
The menu in make with javascript is good, but not readable by a bot SE
5. Not consistently maintain / pay attention to SEO competition
Usually we forget or fall asleep with a successful position we accomplish.
6. Too shortly SPAM meta tag
Many people think that the meta tags filled with keywords that many positive results, although it is not useful, because SE's ranking algorithms will be based on the content of the page itself.
7. Using images for headings
This is wrong, because the SE bots can not read the image, so make no element

or her, it is more useful.
8. Forget the URL
We should not underestimate if we form dynamic website URL like index.php? Page = 1 can not be ranked first, because it is still possible dynamic URLs can be ranked first, but it would be better if the URL itself keyword or who have called with SEO friendly URL.
9. Backlink Spaming
Many people think if you make the link farm page does not effect anything to our website. This is false, because google will check our pages and page where to find pages link farm, then google will reduce / lower rank our website.
10. Forgetting keywords
Should we give in the keyword tag bold our website pages, because google consider this tag as well.

Translated from www.ilmuwebsite.com with some changes

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