Ilmuwebsite tracker (iwebtracker), Website Tracker Made in Indonesia

A very good thing in my opinion, a tool tracker websites made in Indonesia, with almost similar features to Google Analytics, though not as complete because it was pretty good but in Indonesian language and very easy to use.
Science Tracker is a web site, are well suited for the beginner bloggers or webmasters who want a tool which is simple but powerful tracker.
The following are some features which I quoted directly from, but already I have translated it into English:
Recently ilmuwebsite provide free services, web tracking. This is called Science Service Website Tracker v.0.7, in this version we provide features that are useful for your website later. Among them:
Knowing where visitors come from, ranging from city, state, regional.
Knowing the visitors who visit your website using what operating system, what browser and what screen resolution.
You can find out what percentage increase in visitors on your website ranging from hourly to annually.
Presented by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly up to a year.

Demo tracker you can see here.
We make this service is free for you to use. Please pass it on to your nearest relatives who may need this tracker site.
To use it you can directly register here

Enjoy original works of Indonesian children.
Website Tracker Science is made by staff ilmuwebsite, namely Loka Dwiartara (Al-k).

Thus the testimony of the It was simple but informative tool, but I personally have not tried it for this blog, I just tried the demo version, while I am still using the default tracker bloggers and Google Analytics which I think is more than enough

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2 komentar:

Blognya Anak Gaptek said...

Great info sob,

aku baru tau neh kalo ternyata di ilmu website ada trackernya juga, mantap dah, tapi udah terlanjur make stats laen neh, he

o iya tulisan km msh ada kental bahasa indonesianya sob pada kalimat :
" Demo trackernya you can see here............"

o iya sob sekalian mau konfirm, kalo link blog kamu juga dah terpasang di BLOGNYA ANAK GAPTEK

makasih ya,,, dan salam kenal!

n sedikit saran neh,

kalo bisa seh bikin script untuk tukeran link, jadi tinggal kopas dan tidak bingung ngasih Anchor apa di link km.

den Budi ! said...

Oke sob, thans buat saran & kritiknya... ya lain kali klo posting lebih aku teliti lagi, maklum aku asli jowo hahahah..
Buat script Link.. hmmm boleh juga tuh... besok deh aku coba upload bannernya jd temen2 tinggal copas aja

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