3 ways to increase Alexa ranking

In the blog world there are few benchmarks to assess the level of quality of a blog that is seen from the number of visitors to the blog,
uku decline can use Google Page rank, Google Analytics, histats, Sitemeter and Alexa.
For this time I will discuss about Alexa,
Alexa is a rating system from your blog or website throughout the Internet. If Google Pagerank judge by the numbers 1 to 10, the higher the number the better the quality of a site, while Alexa assessing the contrary, the smaller the Alexa ranking the higher the quality or number of visitors to a site. I will share 3 ways to increase Alexa ranking
3 Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking:
1. Alexa Traffic

The most basic step: Get lots of site traffic! Because the initial idea of the Alexa rank is to determine which website has the most traffic with the assumption, more traffic = more popular. Yep, Alexa is essentially a popularity ranking of a website.

2. Alexa Widget
Put stat Alexa site widget on your website. Alexa stat this site contains javascript that leads each visitor data (ping) to the server so that Alexa Alexa statistics become more accurate. Script can be taken here. Stay copy and paste. Ga need to install the Alexa widget shame that big, to achieve the desired results of course there is a price to be paid right? Who would have thought was once ranked 3 million-an is now ranked 300 thousand? Hopefully this also happens on this blog ...

3. Alexa Blog / Content
Writing articles about Alexa on your blog. Webmasters and Bloggers like the ways to increase Alexa ranking. Yes ... maybe like I do with writing articles you are reading now

Now the question is why Alexa important?
The answer, because there are several websites that provide advertising services commercial terms Alexa ranking within certain limits. ReviewMe, Text Link Ads and Sponsored Reviews are 3 of them and much more. Even if we do not wish to use the services of commercial advertising or do not want to make our blog as monetize a blog, an increase Alexa ranking can be viewed as an attempt to do some optimizations that can benefit the quality of the blog.
That's why the bloggers are competing to increase their Alexa ranking blogs

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